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Update by user Sep 28, 2013

I finally received my restitution, $100 worth of various gift card. I thought that was generous. It is a matter of principal and my persistence has paid off.

Update by user Sep 17, 2013

Nothing yet from the operations manager. At this point it become a matter of principal. I sent another inquiry to him.

Update by user Aug 29, 2013

Still nothing received in the mail, I am still being patient. This is the last email I received after I sent an inquiry:

"Man I am terrible, what is the address I will do it right now.

Your fine, I promised it and just keep putting it on the back burner, don't feel bad you deserve it."

I will wait until next week until reaching out again.

Update by user Aug 17, 2013

The operations director contacted me with:

I apologize, I have been traveling and completely forgot. I will get it out this week.

Still have not seen anything yet. I will update when I do. I will reach out to him again in about a week's time.

Update by user Aug 07, 2013

The director spoke with me and asked me to update this information on the site. I did as you see below.

On the call he stated that he apologized for the situation and that he would send me "something" in the mail for my trouble. I have been patient and it has been a number of weeks since that call. I sent him an email recently asking him about his offer, he has not responded yet. I will give it some more time and will update this case.

It is possible it slipped his mind due to his busy schedule. I did get my money back for the parts I had to buy the technician.

Update by user Jul 15, 2013

UPDATE - Please note that the intention of this post is to make those aware of what possible problems CAN BE encountered WITH ANY water conditioner installation FROM ANY Distributor / Dealer and is not a specific complaint against Florida Energy Water and Air as they have taken care of the problem without any problem. FEW&A has been courteous and considerate in handling this matter and the issue has been resolved.

The operations manager has responded to the issue and assured me he will use my findings to help improve future installations. That's all that I can ask for. The bottom line is - stuff happens, sometimes good, sometimes bad, we are human and can learn from our mistakes. It is how one handles the situation with one's customers which makes the real difference.

As long as the Distributor takes care of the problem and the customer then that's all that should matter. Thanks FEW&A for listening and providing exceptional customer service.

P.S. - A lesson for myself - is to be a bit more patient.

If you have a problem, please give those time to address and take care of it. I happen to jump on things as soon as they happen, while failing to realize I am not the only customer out there that needs service.

Original review posted by user Jul 15, 2013

In summary, Florida Energy Water and Air (Edgewater - corp) http://www.fla-ewa.com installed my Rainsoft system incorrectly. They plumbed it into the irrigation lines. (I had initial concerns about this from day one and brought it up as a concern, only to be told it was installed correctly until I proved them wrong) - When they came to fix it, they screwed up again the 2nd time. They fixed the problem the 3rd time. I contacted their operation manager and so far have not heard anything back from him.

Here is the timeline (about a month) of events and issues in a quick note to the operations manager:

Hello XXXX - I apologize for the rash of emails you have been receiving from me, I am a very vocal person and share my thoughts and experiences with all (including my neighbors, Yelp, Angie's list and Home Advisor) with hopes that others will learn from them.

In summary - since we last spoke, in good conscious I can no longer write a review on FEW&A because of my recent experience.

If you feel it is appropriate you can use the attached images for your technician's training with hopes that another customer won't experience the same problem.

So you know as a recap:

-xxx sold the system

-xxx installed the system

-Your post installation inspection failed to find this issue even when I brought it up as an initial concern (hooked up to irrigation)

-The hole on the side of my house was not covered properly, xxx filled and patched it

-Your first service technician xxx, failed to test and find or look for the potential issue even when it was brought up to him as a concern

-xxx confirmed what I expected about the problem still persisting and scheduled it to be repaired

-xxx came the second times and plumbed it incorrectly as you see in the pics - still not resolving the problem and broke my main water ball join valve handle in the process

-xxx finally came out to fix the problem and needed me to go to the store (after checking, ACE, HOME DEPOT, and Lowes) to get him parts which I paid for (XXX is reimbursing me)

-Due to all the cutting and gluing - PVC debris and congealed glue wound up in my faucets and became stuck in my aerators

-My hose spigot silcocks became jammed with PVC and glue and would not shut off. Caused a small flood in my backyard due to running water (one hour) (once I get my water bill I'll contact you again)

As you see here - this is more than one person can deal with, especially as I took time off from work to deal with this multiple problems.

Make sure they listen to you and test the system thoroughly.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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